Guess What, You’re Dead!

Guess What, You're Dead!


The premise is simple: Destroy all the enemies. But if only it were that easy!

An all-new brain-child of Tim, this first person shooter styled game is anything but ordinary.  Although it is still in development, I have decided to unleash it upon all you fantastic people.  Download it and give it a try, because I said so.

Download Guess What, You’re Dead!


  1. Run the installer.
  2. Play the game!

Current Version: 1.0
Minimum Requirements: Windows XP or later, .NET 4.0 installed, DirectX 10 video card
Recommended: A beast of a computer.
Price: Free!


  • One level of frantic enemy killing.
  • 5 different weapons.
  • Good Times.

Planned Features

  • More levels!
  • More weapons!
  • More enemies!

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